About Editor

Hello, My name is Sam Wu; welcome to ceding.org
For last 5 years I have worked as a freelance writer for some of the leading business blogs from all around the world.
At the age of 24 after I was done with my graduation, I joined a local newspaper as an intern writer. During that time I learned a lot about how news updates makes the whole world go round. while most people think that it news is just something that helps you to stay updated on a day to day basis; it is actually more than that.

During my days as an intern writer, then becoming an editor for a local newspaper in Singapore, I have found that there are people who reads newspapers as a daily essentials. Not only they are eager to know what is happening to their favorite actress, they also want to know what is happening to the other countries as well. But there was a problem.

I felt like the readers for whom Newspapers are getting published everyday are not getting the chance to express their opinion. Thus I took an initiatve to create ceding – Leading business blog of Singapore.

For business enquiry email me at: sam@cddnig.org